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Have your audience create fun content for your business with a video contest!

Not only is user-generated content a fun way to build relationships with your customers, but it also gives you more content you can share across various online platforms.

Plus, video continues to rule the internet, making it one of the most popular ways people of all ages are consuming content, especially on social media.

One way brands are taking advantage of this trend is to run a video contest, allowing their audiences to get involved in the creation process, thus creating a more collaborative experience.

From the past video contests that we have run the engagement has been absolutely amazing. This caused us to build an integrated Video Contest manager and are looking for a few qualified businesses to partner with and we will launch your video contest FOR FREE!

What type of content can you get by running a video contest?

Campaigns you can run.

TIP: You must insure that the prizes you offer match what you want for the outcome:

We make it easy with the integrated Video Contest Manager on the digital office.

After you have filled out your contest details on the form at the bottom of this page. We will set-up your own page with our integrated video contest manager.

This handles the whole contest process: submitting, voting, and assigning the winner!

Your contestants can submit their videos from:

Giving you viral reach on multiple different platforms.

Voting Modes.

5 star system.

Each video can be rated from 1 to 5 stars.


In this mode it’s possible to like any video – most liked video wins.

How will you determine the winner?

Is it just the most votes, a jury that picks the winner, a mixture of both?


We will set the contest to how you like!

Voting Modes.

Prizes are what motivates people to submit to your contest.

**Remember your prizes should be worth the amount of effort it takes for someone to enter!

Quick example on your potential business brand reach when you utilize a user generated video contest to bring multiple community audiences together.

We ran a video contest for a local music contest in London Ontario, London Covers.

The first year the contest ran we had 26 local bands enter. With those 26 local relatively unknown bands promoting their entry we saw over 50000 visits in the first month and a half.

Imagine the reach of your business community!

Voting Modes.

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