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From: A remote home office desk,

As employees have been forced to work remotely we understand the focus has been on adapting to the new way of business productivity. This focus has made it difficult to do the same amount of team bonding and inter business networking activities as before, which leaves team leaders looking for an alternative.

This is why we felt the need to launch the work team’s e-Sports league. Allowing work teams to work together and challenge different business teams, a fun way of networking.

Our platform allows you to customize your team page, making it easy for your teams to promote your business.

Frequently scheduled tournaments for all registered participants will allow your team to interact and compete with many other businesses and their team’s individuals.

Currently, we are asking for input on what games people would be interested in playing if they were to join.

As an incentive for you, the first 100 registering teams get a free annual membership and we will be offering that to teams in the order of the form fills so interested teams let us know quick!

I guess my last question to you is, who employs the best gamers?

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The first 100 teams to join get their first year membership for free and we are offering them in order of form fills below so if you are interested let us know quick!

** Price is due when the league launches. **

Customizable Team Page

Create your team page and showcase which company or business you are playing for. When you challenge other work teams, from other companies, this is the page they will see about what it is you do.

Team Examples

There are no teams at the moment!

Team Match Challenges

Use the integrated team match request system to create and manage your team’s challengers. No limit on matches.

  • Team Bonding

  • Business Networking


Take the competition up a notch with regularly scheduled tournaments.

If you would like to schedule your own tournaments we have an integrated tournament manager that will allow you to easily manage.

Knockout tournament

The simplest tournament type. The winner of a match goes to the next round. The tournament is over when the last pair of participants play their match.


As soon as the tournament starts, the table and match schedules will be generated. Participants will have two matches against every other participant (home and away). The win gives 3 points, Draw gives 1 point, Defeat gives no points. Once everyone finishes their matches, the theme will declare a winner by total earned points.

Round Robin + Knockout tournament

This tournament type is a combination of League and Knockout tournaments. First, we have a league part, and once we finish it, we generate playoff brackets in the form of knockout. The number of participants in the knockout phase depends on the tournament participants’ number.

Ladder tournament

The ladder is specific because it doesn’t have an end time. The tournament ends when the tournament creator presses the STOP button. The goal of the ladder is to get to the top by challenging participants above you and defending yourself from those beneath you.

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